One-on-one coaching and development, informed by three decades of experience and tailored specifically for executive leaders.

We’ll assess your business FROM THE GROUND UP, identifying problem areas and providing tailored solutions.

Sometimes, transforming a business starts with transforming people. As the most influential figures within an organization, executive talent bears the most responsibility for envisioning and enacting organizational change. Our personalized Executive Coaching service will assist leaders in achieving their business and personal goals.

Our President Jacques Seguin will work intimately with you on an agreed schedule, identifying your personal and business development goals and implementing a plan to get you there. We include a satisfaction guarantee: if you are not fully satisfied, you don't pay!

Over the course of the relationship, Jacques will provide you with a concrete formula for success and feedback aligned to your specific growth needs.

One on one meeting
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[Jacques’] strategic viewpoint, keen analytical capabilities, insights into the customer behaviour and the ability to adapt to a changing marketplace helped many (including myself) to become better managers. He has hired, coached, and mentored some of the most effective managers and VPs in the Foodservice Industry and is quite simply, one of the most likeable business leaders I know.


Graham Veal
 Former V.P., Welbilt
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